Get your flu shot

Workplace Flu Shots

According to the (managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Each year approximately 11 million workdays are lost due to the flu. Employers show a loss of $7 billion per year due to sick days and lost productivity.

Partnering with any of our four pharmacies in Oakland, Fairfield, Unity, or Waterville to help protect your employees from the seasonal flu!

On-Site Flu Clinic 

We will bring the immunization clinic to your business or workplace! Our certified immunizing Pharmacists Darren Nelson PharmD or Shane Savage RPh/ owner, have extensive knowledge & experience with immunizations. They will visit your business upon appointment to administer the influenza vaccination to your employees.

Flu Shot Voucher Program

Our Pharmacies offer an alternative if the on-site clinic does not work for your business OR if not all of your employees can attend the on-stie clinic. We will provide you with the voucher for your employees which will be redeemable for a flu shot at any of the 4 pharmacies. Vouchers can be used by employee family members as well.

We do the paperwork for you!

Due to the increase in influenza cases over the last few years, most healthcare insurance plans cover the preventive flu vaccine! With insurance information we will bill your health plan for the vaccine & administration. If you do not have insurance or your plan does not cover the cost, our pharmacies offer a competitive “out-of-pocket” price for the flu vaccine.